Chartres Cathedral

Early stained glass by Sasha Ward

My 1977 sketchbook                              Four versions of "Kelmscott: design 1"

My 1977 sketchbook                              Four versions of "Kelmscott: design 1"

When I put my four new glass panels (all versions of Kelmscott: design 1) on the mantlepiece in The Brewhouse yesterday, I was reminded of the first stained glass panel I ever made. I had seen the design for it in my old school sketchbook, on a page after the one about Giotto who was my favourite artist at the time and what I call a real Pre-Raphaelite.

Another frequently asked question from my visitors is "What triggered my interest in stained glass?" I know this was the three postcards of windows in Chartres Cathedral that started off my stained glass postcard collection, shown below. The bits I like best now are the messages on the back from my oldest friends.

P.S. I would love to receive more, address still as on the right in the photo, postcode SN8 4AD.