Airbus Bristol

Airbrushing by Sasha Ward

The glass version of Kelmscott Design Number Two has taken a long time to finish, but here it is in my studio in Marlborough. Top left: first enamel layer before firing. Top right: completed and laid out on a tracing of the wallpaper version. Below: backlit and ready to be fired. This design is also a repeat, it's an irregular quadrilateral that rotates.

leaves 2.jpg

My renewed interest in airbrushing - and possibly also in the brown and yellow combination mentioned previously - comes from last year's project for Airbus in Bristol. This was the restoration of a magnificent window made in 1936 by Jan Juta for the headquarters of The Bristol Airplane Company. Working with Creative Glass in Bristol, we remade seven broken panels, including the  huge one with the propellor and the one with the compass, both shown below. The blocks of colour and the thin strips of clear and etched glass in combination with small areas of airbrushed detail have crept into my new work subconsciously.