Being the artist in residence / by Sasha Ward

The Brewhouse on Saturday was busy as it always is, with visitors of all ages drawing on polystyrene tiles which they used as printing block to make strips of wallpaper. Last time, we used the wallpaper to line the walls of the cardboard playhouse, this time we left them fluttering on the line in the beautiful courtyard.

This brings me to the end of my time in The Brewhouse and the answer to my new most frequently asked question: " What are you making this (or that) for ?" 

The answer is that the things I have been making have not been commissioned - as my work usually is - for a particular place. Sometimes I say, "it's supposed to be art, to look nice". And the point of the activity day was in the doing not in the end result; the point of my residency was in the experience we had as much as in the things that we made.