snow scenes

Analysis Of The Christmas Cards Part 2 by Sasha Ward

Part One analysed the spread of cards from Christmas 2015, as you can see if you follow this link  This year, I enjoyed the arrival of the cards even more as I anticipated what fun I would have counting up the varieties of manufacture, shape and subject matter once the whole business of Christmas was over (hooray!). 

The 2016 statistics are as follows: 20% home made, 14% home printed, 66% bought.  34% square, 43% portrait, 12% landscape, 5% postcards, 5% shaped. Not much change from last year, but I'm glad to see that home made cards are slightly on the increase while square cards - awkward to display I find - are slightly on the decrease.

The most popular subject matter was one of my favourites, a snow scene (7), see above, with examples showing Vermont, London, Siberia; streets, parks and gardens. There were 6 cards of single trees, 6 of birds - 4 of these actually recognisable species, see below. 

The main difference between this and last year's cards is the dropping off of reproductions of well known artworks. Last year's most popular category was down to one example this year, a disturbing state of affairs slightly alleviated by the two stained glass cards we received. You can see these on the mantlepiece below, particularly thrilling is the card on the right which shows the stained glass before and after restoration. 

My favourite cards on the mantlepiece, particularly the patterned ones in the middle with seasonal colours and glitter! Click to enlarge.