christmas cards

Analysis of the Christmas Cards by Sasha Ward

Three of the best

Three of the best

The cards are my favourite of the Christmas rituals: making them, then actually getting some post for a change, displaying them and, best of all, analysing the Christmas card collection. This year there has been no clear winner in the best card category and - in a shocking development - no stained glass cards.

The statistics are as follows : 17.5% home made, 17.5% home printed, 65% bought.  Format: 38.5% square, 37% portrait, 14% landscape, 6% postcard.

Some cards from the most popular subject categories are shown here. We had 11 cards with reproductions of well known artworks (2 examples at the top): 7 of a single tree (the best ones above): 5 of birds (the best ones below).

As a series, I particularly like the street scene category shown below. Perhaps the card at bottom left is the real winner as it straddles the well known artwork (Ravilious), tree and street scene categories.