artist in residence

Frequently asked questions by Sasha Ward

On The Brewhouse wall I have written a list of answers to frequently asked questions; this is not because I am too grumpy to speak to people, but sometimes I am out. The technical questions are quite straightforward, the very frequent one that I am still struggling to answer is "What is an artist in residence ?"

I can describe - in this blog - what I have been doing at Kelmscott Manor, and emphasise that I am not actually living here, but I don't think that's the right answer. I do have a quote from the will of May Morris, bequeathing the Manor to Oxford University in 1926 with certain conditions.

"The condition of the bequest is that the house should be used by the university not to be let for profit, but as a rest-house for artists, men of letters, scholars and men of science, whether for shorter or longer periods". 

As you know, I am very anxious to please May, the quote is going on the wall and I'm hoping that will do the trick (despite the unfortunate "men of...." wording).