Yew Tree

Patterns in a Dorset Church by Sasha Ward

I was slightly worried about the way that I had shoved my three Kelmscott designs together in The New Brewery Arts Exhibition (see my last post), but after my visit to The Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul in Cattistock, Dorset I realise that I could have gone further with my display.  The baptistry under the tower was designed by Gilbert Scott and decorated in 1901 probably by W.O. & C. Powell. It's a small space filled with patterns, texts and images with no spare space between them. I was particularly taken with one design, used in two different colourways, my drawings of this repeat pattern are shown below right.

Interior of the baptistry at Cattistock Parish Church

Interior of the baptistry at Cattistock Parish Church

I was really there to visit this small, rich Morris window from 1882. The colours are strong and the design is clear, facing the porch this window is immediately more eye-catching than any of the others although they are all filled with interesting stained glass of different types. The detail that I picked out here is the depiction of the wooden surface of the angel's zither - ways of showing wood grain on glass is something that I've played around with too.

My glass painting "Slice through Yew Tree" 2007 (click to enlarge)