Featured artist, ART / by Sasha Ward

The artist featured this week is Alice Rowan Tinsley, aged 7 (nearly 8) from Cardiff. Her drawing above shows Kelmscott Manor from the east, what I call the "News From Nowhere" side, as drawn by C.M. Gere to Illustrate Morris' novel of that name and shown on the right above. Alice was particularly pleased with the way she worked out how to draw the roof gables on this, her second attempt at the Manor, drawn from memory in the Brewhouse.

Her next drawing is a confident linear design for a dish, which she said was not a copy of any particular one in the Manor but was her own idea for a plate, inspired by what she had seen. The third drawing is from memory, with very well observed lips and hairstyle and based on Rossetti's portrait of Jenny Morris on the right below.

All Alice's works are pencil on A4 paper, signed by the artist.